What Is a Mixed-use Strata Scheme?

We are sure that while you have made your commute to Perth’s CBD or one of our vibrant districts of Leederville, Mount Lawley or Scarborough, that you may have noticed an array of apartments at the top level with retail shops at the street level. Embodying the best of both worlds, what you saw were mixed-use buildings.

What is ‘mixed-use’?

There are many different types of strata. If you have heard the term mixed-use, it generally refers to a scheme that falls into both the residential and the commercial categories. To help illustrate, if you have an apartment complex that happens to have a retail store within the same area, or has a cafe or two in the same building, that would be classified as a mixed-use strata scheme. Therefore, it is important to engage a strata manager in Perth who knows their way around the nuances of both residential and commercial strata, and has a thorough understanding of the various types of owners they would have to manage.

What is the benefit of a mixed-use strata? 

  • Creates a vibrant sense of community: A strong sense of community spirit is fostered in mixed-use stratas. This is because there are more socially common grounds to meet and mingle. A mixed-use complex opens the possibility to connect with your neighbours, and business owners and create camaraderie in the neighbourhood.
  • Greater value when selling: A complex that comes with commercial and residential sections offers the best selling points of both. This is turn creates higher demand and value of the individual lots when it comes time to sell.
  • Owners are exposed to an exciting lifestyle: If you are a resident, you could potentially have a lot at your fingertips. No day has to be the same, and you have the right balance of respite and socialising at your doorstep. If you are a commercial tenant, then you are uniquely positioned right next to your customers home. Imagine being a cafe owner within a large apartment complex, that’s a lot of morning coffees guaranteed.
  • Convenience is around the corner: The best part about mixed-use strata schemes is that convenience is a fortunate byproduct. As a tenant or landlord, you are likely close to your Pilates studio, gym, local deli and a coffee shop. You therefore do not need to travel far to get what you need.

Choose Oakfield as your strata management team 

At Oakfield, we believe that if the appropriate foundations for your strata scheme are set, then you can avoid any mishaps down the road. Our team is well-versed in assisting with just that.

You can rest assured Oakfield Strata Management has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage your mixed-use complex. We manage potential conflicts, and ensure operational efficiency of your uniquely placed community.

Our team of Strata Community Association WA (SCA WA) members undertake regular industry training and will tailor management solutions to meet your needs. We are committed to being transparent and providing the best advice for your situation. This is to give you the confidence your property is being managed to its optimum state. Because we take accountability for the success of your business.

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