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Strata Management Solutions
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Residential Strata Management
in the North West

At Oakfield, we pride ourselves on delivering a unique level of service that encompasses all aspects of managing strata communities. Our proactive approach, combined with a personal touch, ensures that our clients receive exceptional care and attention.

Our Tailored Strata Management Service means:

Annual property inspections are conducted to safeguard your investment and proactively identify potential issues.

Our experienced team stays one step ahead by addressing maintenance needs promptly and providing valuable insights.

You’ll experience peace of mind knowing that your investment is in capable hands.

We prioritise proactive maintenance, effective communication, and a personalised approach.

Trust Oakfield to deliver comprehensive and attentive strata management solution for your property in the North West of Western Australia.

We will complete frequent on-site visits and inspections to Port Hedland, South Hedland, Nicol, Karratha and Broome.

Contact us today to discover how our annual property inspections can contribute to the success and well- being of your strata community.

Specialised Residential Service

Oakfield residential strata communities benefit from the following:

Central Contact – Deal with one central contact person directly on all residential strata related matters.

Management Systems – Each lot owner receives unique login in details and access to the online portal.

AGM meetings – In-person, Phone or Video attendance; we cater for all requirements to ensure each lot owner has the capacity to attend and contribute feedback towards the management of their strata complex.

Online Payment Solutions – Making it simple for owners to make payments safely and on time.

Building Insurance – Having a large and diverse portfolio of residential strata buildings along with being Authorised Representatives of insurance companies, this allows us to achieve more favourable outcomes for our clients.

Individual Bank Accounts – Maintaining transparency is key.

After Hours Emergency Call Service for all common property related issues.

Experience a seamless process with Oakfield’s residential strata management services for Western Australia's North West.

With robust expertise in residential strata management, our site- specific knowledge is achieved through real world experience in managing and connecting the individual lives that make up strata and creating new communities that feel like home.

As Oakfield’s Director, Mitchell Zile established and oversees all operations of Oakfield’s Strata Management. If you’d like to discuss the opportunities of your property please reach out to him and our expert team today.

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