Strata Management: Building Security

Building Security

We live in a technological age, and with that comes a lot more options regarding security – everything from CCTV, level specific access, roller shutters over windows, to a doorbell that sends notifications to a mobile phone when activated.

When buying into a Strata Company many prospective purchasers may feel more assured of security if a complex has additional measures like CCTV, remote / fob access, garage gates / roller doors and evening security guards to name a few. But no security system is infallible not matter how many deterrents are put in place. Thieves, if determined enough, will find a way in.

However, Residents can make it more difficult for would be intruders by taking extra precautions. These may include:

  • When entering garages and car parks with security gates and roller doors, be mindful of someone following your vehicle inside.
  • Take notice of the people in your building – a would be thief will wait for an opportunity to follow a Resident who has an access card into a secured building.
  • Potential buglers may enlist a Residents help by asking to be buzzed in under the guise that their ‘friend in the building’ isn’t answering the intercom.

It may also deter thieves when there appears to be nothing worth taking the time to break in and steal. A Reminder for Residents:

  • Don’t leave remotes or fobs in your vehicle. Whilst it makes entering and exiting a building easier the fumbling around a bag for a remote, these are easily stolen and jeopardises the security of a complex.
  • If you have a storage cage when the inside contents can be viewed externally, be mindful of what can be seen and what may be valuable.
  • Be sure to empty your letterbox on a regular basis. Letterboxes are a hot target for thieves hoping to find new bank cards, cheque’s or cash.

Also get to know your neighbours. Not only does it help make a more comfortable and enjoyable living environment but recognising your fellow Residents may make you more aware of a stranger in the building.

If you think someone is acting suspicious, either report it to the Building Security (if your complex has security) or call the Police (131 444) to investigate. Never approach a potential thief as you may be putting yourself in damage, leave this to the professionals.