Pet policies in strata schemes: What Perth residents need to know

Strata living is a popular choice for many Perth residents. This is primarily because of the shared approach that makes services such as gardening, pool maintenance, and security more affordable. Additionally, strata living often fosters a strong sense of community among residents. Being in proximity to others, with shared common areas and facilities, can lead to stronger neighbourhood relationships and a communal feeling.

However, when you’re a pet owner, there are unique considerations to take into account. One crucial aspect you need to understand is the pet policies that govern strata schemes.

Let’s look at the framework

In Western Australia, strata schemes operate under the Strata Titles Act 1985 (WA). While providing guidelines for the operation of strata schemes, the Act doesn’t specifically address pet policies. This leaves the decision up to individual strata companies and schemes.

The variation in pet policies

Pet policies in strata schemes can range widely. Some have a blanket ‘no pets’ rule, others may allow pets with specific restrictions concerning their size, breed, or number. There could also be policies about pet noise control, cleanliness, and areas within the strata scheme where pets are allowed.

These pet policies exist to promote harmony within the strata community. By setting out clear expectations, residents can live together peacefully, maintaining the community atmosphere that makes strata living attractive.

The approach

For potential residents considering a move into a strata scheme, it’s vital to review the specific by-laws of the scheme in question. You should also engage with the strata management company to understand their policies about pets.

Can they be changed over time? 

Strata schemes, while structured, are not entirely rigid in their rules. A perfect example of this flexibility is the potential for the modification of pet policies. If a strata scheme’s current pet policy doesn’t align with your needs as a pet owner, there are avenues you can pursue to initiate a change.

Initially, one of these paths involves communicating with your strata scheme’s governing body or the strata management company. Presenting a well-rounded case that outlines the reasons for a change and the potential benefits to the community can be a persuasive tool.

If you’re looking to alter a policy that prohibits or restricts pets, it’s worth gathering evidence to support your case. This could be research demonstrating the benefits of pet ownership, examples of other strata schemes that successfully allow pets, or even endorsements from other owners in your scheme who support your cause.

Afterward, you may be able to formally propose a change at the scheme’s general meeting. Here, all owners have the chance to vote on the proposed modification. Alternatively, you could apply for a specific ‘pet by-law’. This would allow your pet to live in the strata scheme under agreed-upon conditions, despite the general policy.

It’s crucial to remember that any change should be fair, reasonable, and considerate of the entire strata community. Therefore, even when proposing changes, pet owners should be prepared to respect the comfort and preferences of their fellow residents, ultimately striking a balance that ensures a harmonious community environment.

What does the future of pet policies look like? 

Interestingly, the Western Australian Government is reviewing strata laws, including more flexible regulations for pets in strata schemes. This could signify a more pet-friendly future for strata living in Perth.

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