Jessica Cockell

Strata Administration

When it comes to organisation, there is no one who has it mastered quite like our Strata Administration Officer, Jessica.

Benjamin Franklin once said that “For every minute spent organising, an hour is earned”, and this is exactly what makes Jessica such a valued asset to the Oakfield family.

As well as her enviable organisational skills, Jessica brings 17 years of industry experience to our dynamic and well-rounded team, where she has become enamoured with the strong collaborative processes being created.

Jessica has previously worked for companies such as Kmart and Blackburne, and has a Diploma in Management. She has also completed the required units for Strata Community Management certification.

When asked to describe herself professionally in five words, Jessica quipped: “Organised, organised, organised, organised, caffeine!”

Thanks to Jessica, our ship keeps on sailing, at a steady and organised paced.