Callum Wilson

Head of New Developments

Callum is an experienced and respected strata manager with a natural strength in nurturing client relationships. As a former AFL footballer, Callum enjoys collaborating with peers and clients to achieve shared goals.

Callum joined Oakfield in 2023 in the newly created Senior Strata Consultant (Developments) role. The key responsibility of the position is to assist property developers with strata-related matters before the building’s completion and, if Oakfield is appointed as Manager, ongoing strata management of the building. Typical pre-settlement tasks include but are not limited to advising on the plan of subdivision; by-law preparation; conducting tenders for key building services contracts; and arranging the inaugural meeting of the strata company.

Callum’s position is the only one of its kind in the WA strata industry, where pre-settlement consultancy and ongoing management of the building are handled by the same person. This gives Oakfield a distinct competitive advantage when it comes to expertise with new developments.

Callum has worked in customer-facing and business management roles during his five years in strata. This combination of subject matter expertise and leadership capability gives Callum a unique ability to navigate the myriad of complex matters that come up regularly in strata.

Callum holds a Bachelor of Commerce and is a Certified Strata Community Manager (CSCM).