Is Your Owners Corporation Practicing Sustainability? 

Sustainability and its prevalence in residential, commercial and mixed-use strata management have never been more prominent than in 2022. People are moving towards a more conscious way of doing things, so the question remains, is your Owners Corporation practicing sustainability?

As a lot owner or a tenant in a strata complex, where your voice can feel diluted amongst the many, it can easily feel like your voice doesn’t count or that you are powerless. However, you have just as much say as anyone else over your building’s energy consumption, and strides towards sustainability.

Through this article, we endeavour to remind you of this, and also educate you on how to go about sustainability in strata management. There are several ways your building can be more sustainable – and there are many advantages for an Owners Corporation that takes a more sustainable approach.

Firstly, are you aware of the following? 

  • Common rooms and shared services account for up to 60% of energy usage in large structures.
  • Utility bills make up approximately 25% of administrative fund levies.
  • Apartments are home to 15% of Australian households. This figure has only grown since.
  • At the moment of a sale or lease, 80% of residents seek information regarding a building’s environmental performance.

Pay attention to your energy usage

Energy consumption is something you should pay attention to if you are trying to make your strata complex more green. This is important as both owner and tenant. Thankfully, you can start with this by using some familiar energy-saving tips. Then you can also try to change to some more sustainable energy possibilities.

Tips on how to be more sustainable 

Here are suggestions for your Owners Corporation to ensure a more environmentally sustainable performance:

  • Solar panels: Does your roof have the space? Then consider investing in solar panels. Solar energy as a means to power your building is a fantastic way to save on energy costs and ensure a greener approach.
  • Water: A majority of new buildings around Perth will have water tanks built in as a standard feature. However, if the building is older, you may consider retrofitting water tanks to catch stormwater. This could be used for applications such as gardening or washing common driveways.
  • Lighting: By installing LEDs in common areas, you can significantly reduce overall energy consumption. Adding motion sensors or timers that limit the time the lights are on will also reduce energy.
  • Recycling: Sure, you’ve got your recycling bin working hard, but what about those trickier items like batteries, compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs, printer cartridges and chemical nasties like paint and oil? Be sure to raise this at the next Owners Corporate meeting, and flag it with the body corporate manager. This is your chance to discuss opportunities to create recovery points in your building or complex.
  • Community garden: If you’re interested in creating a community garden in your building, you might also like to consider creating a compost heap for organic waste; perhaps even add a worm farm. This is an excellent method to reduce waste and enrich the soil for gardens around the building.

Do you need help finding more ideas to make your strata complex more sustainable and green? Then speak to Oakfield today. You can rest assured Oakfield Strata Management has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage your complex.