Effective Communication: An Essential Element To Successful Strata Management

“Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity”

Here at Oakfield, we have a strong understanding of how important open lines of communication are and ensuring that each interaction assists in maintaining and building sound professional relationships with our clients.

Our team demonstrate effective communication on a daily basis which enables us to educate owners on the Strata Titles Act and relevant by-laws, build trust, establish positive rapport and at times to negotiate and/or mediate between parties to find suitable resolutions.

Our friendly reception and administration team can best assist with any telephone enquiry and uphold effective communication by listening and maintaining a clear and respectful manner. They will seek to best understand the nature of your call, request your full name and make every attempt to ensure your enquiry is dealt with efficiently and in a timely manner.

Our experienced team of strata managers often attend site visits, hold AGMs, attend training/upskilling sessions and assist with council meetings. Should they not be available immediately to attend to your call, a message will always be taken, and they will endeavour to respond within 48 business hours for all non-urgent or critical items.

Email correspondence is also a great tool to communicate with; emails ensure details are well documented, they can be referred to at any time and can include multiple parties who are to engage or be aware of the content being discussed.

It is important to ensure that all emails contain:

  • Your Full Name
  • Your Full Address – including your unit Number
  • Best contact number if you require a call back
  • Content/Message – bullet points are often very helpful for multiple issues
  • Your desired outcome

Communication extends past dealing with our team at Oakfield, its also relates to fostering positive relationships with other residents/neighbours within a strata complex.

How can you contribute to effective communication with your neighbours and other residents in your complex?

  • Keep others residing in the complex well informed; Having a social gathering? Let your neighbours know in advance, keep noise levels to an acceptable level and within reasonable hours of the day, if required – advise your guests of the strata bylaws and expectations of their behaviour whilst at the property (including where to park cars).
  • Updating our office, Council of Owners and other key stakeholders if your contact details change or if the status of the property changes (sold or being rented).
  • Liaise with the Council of Owners via email/phone or your Strata Manager to seek clarification on any matter you require assistance with.
  • Adhere to the relevant bylaws (including pets) and be respectful of common property that is shared with your neighbours.
  • Attend your annual AGM – this is key to staying well informed and understanding any changes, increases in levies or having your input in to matters relating to the property. It is also an opportunity to meet others who reside in the complex.
  • Smile, say hello and show a courteous, friendly disposition towards those you share the facility with. You never know how much it may brighten someone’s day!

We all communicate whether it be by phone, email or in person. Having positive interactions effectively shapes our day and sets the tone for future communications – we truly believe it is a key aspect of enjoying life in a Strata complex.