Benefits of Shopping Centre Strata Management

As a thriving shopping centre in Perth, no day is the same, and there is just so much going on week-in and week-out. With numerous tenancy opportunities and frequent shop goers, comes as no surprise that many investors are looking at shopping centres to invest in.

Of course, with the bustling nature of shopping centres comes the relentless demands and pressures of ensuring the place is running smoothly. Furthermore, one has to consider the regulations that need to be kept on top of.

Luckily shopping centre landlords can breathe easier by hiring strata management professionals in Perth. The following benefits outline why it may be best to leave the strata management of a retail property to the pros.

Elevate the level of vendor management
A retail property requires management of vendors for the place to run properly. This includes landscaping, trash removal, sweeping, maintaining proper lighting and more. It can be a lot for a single individual to adequately manage.. Ensuring that all these services are performed as expected, is best left to a professional strata management company. An experienced strata manager in Perth has the know-how in maintaining high-quality vendor connections, and soliciting new bids for those that don’t provide services at a premium standard.

Improve the camaraderie between tenants
Communication is key in ensuring any community is running smoothly. However, this imperative need is often a shopping centre’s pain point, particularly when looking at the communication with tenants, and between tenants. By engaging a strata manager in Perth you have someone in your corner whose expertise entails fostering a communicative environment where shopfront tenants prioritise working better together. Minimise disputes, and act as a peacekeeping professional who is there to mediate conflict, should it arise.

Lower maintenance and repair costs
Maintaining the building of any sort, let alone a retail building, requires regular upkeep. Keep the building tenants happy by preserving the value of the shopping centre. By hiring a strata manager in Perth you gain access to professional maintenance and a network of licensed, insured, and bonded contractors. These contractors have been vetted out for their quality of work and fair pricing. This can save you a lot of money compared to hiring someone from a quick Google search.

Stringent infection control and cleanliness measures
Shopping centres have people coming and going from all walks of life. Now, with the pandemic still floating through our Perth community, the importance of stringent infection control and cleanliness is imperative for a shopping centre. By working with a strata manager for retail,, you can rest assured that the right infection control measures are put into place for the communal areas of your shopping complex. At Oakfield, we ensure retail spaces under our portfolio are cleaned more stringently and more often to help maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Oakfield, your choice for strata management for retail properties
Retail strata managers should be adequately trained and skilled in navigating the needs of their clients, tailoring where required, depending on the needs of residents. This stands true for strata management within a thriving shopping complex. By partnering with a strata management company that works within the retail industry, your centre will have a clear understanding of the laws and regulations of retail strata.

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