Benefits of retirement village strata management

For many Western Australians, the existence of retirement villages adds a level of comfort and a sense of security for our aging population. They are an essential part of our community, which is why they require premium management and care.

There are several reasons a retirement village will engage in strata management. In this article, we outline a few of the primary benefits of retirement strata in Perth.

Firstly, what is a retirement village?

A retirement village is a residential community or housing complex designed for the elderly. They are a transitional life stage option for older people who can still care for themselves but require assistance to carry out day-to-day activities. Furthermore, retirement villages offer socialisation opportunities, community activities and over all entertainment for the residents as they welcome their final retirement stage of life.

What are the primary benefits of having a retirement village strata?

Retirement villages exist for aging individuals, or couples to help alleviate the burdens of carrying out tasks that become increasingly harder as we grow old. Apart from affording the elderly with convenience and freedom, here are some benefits of retirement village strata.

#1 A retirement village receives an added level of attention that it needs

Residents of retirement villages oftentimes come with medical or the need for special attention. A well-managed retirement village is one where the strata managers pay attention to these residential needs and are proactive. It is about providing a sense of abundance and independence without risking the health, time and lifestyle of the elderly community.

The last thing a retirement village needs is the neglect of the building, village residents and owners. A retirement village is like any community/communal building however, it comes with added necessities due to the age and lifestyle of the residents.

#2 Thorough administration that is compliant 

There needs to be effective communication, clear by-laws, and responsible accounting when it comes to retirement villages. A retirement strata manager’s administrative role includes (but is not limited to):

  • Dealing with all correspondence regarding the village itself – This can include correspondence from those within the retirement village and those external.
  • The maintenance of defined ‘common property’ – A retirement village strata manager will keep the gardens maintained, exercise areas tidy, identify building maintenance issues that need repair or replacement, and arrange for aspects of the village to be renovated.
  • Communicate with owners and retirement village residents – Acting as the conduit between the various parties of the retirement village, you can entrust your retirement village strata manager to ensure the community is as harmonious as viably possible.
  • Insurance – The insurances required of retirement villages are specialised. Your retirement village strata manager will be in charge of lodging all insurance claims and following up on their progress.

#3 Stringent infection control and cleanliness

With the COVID-19 pandemic, retirement villages have now understood the importance of stringent infection control and cleanliness. By working with a strata manager for retirement villages, you can rest assured that the right infection control measures are put into place for the communal areas of the retirement village. At Oakfield, we ensure retirement villages under our portfolio are cleaned more stringently and more often to help maintain a clean and hygienic environment.

Oakfield, your choice for strata management for retirement villages

Strata managers should be adequately trained and skilled in navigating the needs of their clients, tailoring where required, depending on the needs of residents. This stands true for strata management within retirement villages.

By partnering with a strata management company that works within retirement villages, your village will have a clear understanding of the laws and regulations of retirement strata.

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