A Day in the Life of a Strata Manager – Michelle Beazer

The role of a Strata Manager is challenging and diverse, and often misunderstood. The day-to-day responsibilities are multifaceted, ranging from handling emails to liaising with clients and contractors. It’s a whirlwind of tasks that require keen attention to detail and advanced organisational skills.

To help shed some light on what a Strata Manager does, let’s delve into a typical day of Michelle Beazer, one of our dedicated Strata Managers at Oakfield…

Michelle starts her day bright and early at 8:30 AM, powering up her PC and diving into her overflowing inbox. Over the night, she received 43 emails—questions, concerns, and updates that need her attention. Logging into our phone system, she starts her day by sifting through these messages, categorizing them, and beginning to respond.

By 9:30 AM, it’s time for Michelle’s meeting with her team leader. During these regular one on one meetings, they discuss ongoing projects, upcoming tasks, and any potential issues that need to be addressed. With the meeting wrapped up by 10:15 AM, Michelle dives back into her email and call queries.

At 11 AM, Holly – a Strata Manager at Oakfield approaches Michelle with a question about 7 lot scheme in Parmelia, WA. Providing guidance and advice is part of the team environment at Oakfield and with over 5 years strata experience Michelle is able to assist with many team questions.

Michelle then spends the next 15 minutes crafting a memo for a 31 lot scheme in Butler regarding Fire Alarm Testing later in the month and to be issued via our industry leading software, Stratafy. This notice is aimed at keeping everyone involved on the same page.

Resuming her email marathon at 11:30 AM, Michelle takes a break to issue maintenance requests and answer more phone calls. All in all, Michelle ends up sending/receiving 261 emails and fielding 14 phone calls today, spending just under 1 hour on the phone!

After taking a well-deserved lunch break from 12:40 PM, Michelle is back at it by 1:10 PM. This time meeting with a contractor from Energenie regarding a 130 lot scheme in West Perth and providing detailed access details, making sure to also confirm everything with the building manager.

Michelle then jumps into sorting an insurance claim for a Subiaco based 89 lot scheme, sending all the information off to our internal claims team by 1:40 PM. In the midst of this, she receives a call from the chairperson of the same property and issues an urgent work order for the scheme.

Continuing with the last hour, Michelle is then off to a meeting with the same chairperson at 2PM, to discuss Stratafy documents and the online portal and a car stacker query – which always provide a challenge!

Michelle’s  afternoon continues to be packed, as she prepares for an AGM to be held in Subiaco later in the evening a quick urgent call is made to multiple contractors about a 17 lot Scarborough scheme with a change to change the approved contractor for some works yet to begin.

Michelle’s final task before heading to the Subiaco AGM is to gather necessary documents, reports, attendance registers, proxies, and nominations. Michelle then drives to the AGM venue in Subiaco, where she diligently completes the meeting for an 89-lot scheme which starts at 5:00 PM.

Michelle’s workday wraps up at 7:15 PM, a little under 11 hours after her day began – a testament to her commitment and dedication to her role.

As you can see, Strata Management is an intricate dance of multitasking, problem-solving, and communication. Next time you speak with your Strata Manager, be it with Oakfield or any other – please be mindful of this as Strata Management is an extremely difficult role and we need to continue to build the industry by supporting those who work within it.

If you’re in need of diligent and dedicated Strata Management services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Oakfield. We’re here to ensure your strata scheme runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, no matter the size or complexity.

Stay tuned for more insights from a day in the lives of some of our other Oakfield team members!