Sarina Seitz

Strata Administration

A cornerstone asset to a strata management company is its administration processes. This is a concept that is well-executed by our very own, Sarina.

Being instrumental in the ‘bigger picture’, Sarina is efficient, thinks on her feet and works well under pressure.

Organised, methodical and systems-driven, Sarina is a keen listener, and prides herself on being impeccable in customer service.

It is this rare blend of attributes that make Sarina an imperative part of our Oakfield family.

Sarina comments; “I love being in administration as it is a crucial piece of the efficient functioning of the entire office. I get to be a part of everything that is happening, and I enjoy making things flow smoothly.”

Our clients would not be able to receive the service they rightfully deserve without our motivated, adaptable, sincere and focused administration asset, Sarina.