Rebekah Deaman

Assistant Strata Manager

Enjoyment is an incredible energiser to the human spirit – and Rebekah’s love of her work and natural problem-solving skills have seen her win many fans.

Rebekah finds great personal reward in assisting her clients each day, while adding value to their overall enjoyment of their lot and building complex.

“I enjoy being the first point of contact, and being able to support and navigate owners through issues or any problems that they may have,” she says.

“Strata can be a confusing to owners, and I really enjoy being able to educate them and be the support they need. It is very rewarding being able to help alleviate that stress element that can comes with owning a strata unit.”

Rebekah loves having the opportunity to make someone’s day with impeccable customer service.

While Rebekah is still fairly new to the industry, she has been quick to establish herself at Oakfield.

After working on a recent large project, the client called to thank her personally, saying that it had been a long struggle for the owners and since she had started, her hard work and dedication had made a huge improvement in their building lives.

Rebekah has always had an interest in property and in a previous life, worked as a conveyancing clerk.