Chaise Aslander

Assistant Strata Manager

They say that the way to bring about change is to be proactive and active – and Chaise is a natural at achieving positive change for her clients.

Having grown an immense love for being a part of a bigger picture, while staying behind the scenes, Chaise is a pivotal force in our team who helps manage and run amazing complexes across Perth.

Chaise says there was a defining moment that helped shape her commitment to client satisfaction.

“There was an issue with previous management, with a lot of defect issues and paperwork issues that required immediate action. The clients were very grateful for my proactiveness and assertiveness to achieve a resolution.”

One of the nicest things a client has said about Chaise is that she is very efficient, and she always puts in ‘too much’ work, in the best way possible.

Chaise has earned much respect among her peers and clients for being loyal, calm, determined and for always putting in the extra time to get a successful outcome.